DermaSonic Pro™ Ultra Sonic Skin Scrubber

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De-gunk your pores with the DermaSonic Pro™ Ultrasonic skin scrubber!

Banish your blackheads, cleanse your face, and scrape away dead skin cells with the DermaSonic Pro™. Featuring three skincare modes: cleansing, moisturizing, and lifting, the DermaSonic Pro™ leaves  you with flawless, crystal clear skin. 

DermaSonic Pro™ uses ultrasonic soundwaves and nanotechnology through a high-frequency spatula-type device to go deep into your skin and removes the build-up of dead cells, dirt, and grime on your face.

Core features include:

  • Uses safe and gentle ultrasonic vibrations and nanotechnology to exfoliate the skin
  • Pain-free way to scrub off dead skin cells and sebum trapped within your pores
  • Clears acne, redness, and reduces oily skin
  • Can be used as an anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing skin gadget
  • Lightweight and compact perfect for travel
  • Gets the job done with long-lasting results!
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Methods include:

DermaSonic Pro™ Ultra Sonic Skin Scrubber

The Original Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber. Free shipping.

$29.00In Stock
Get free shipping and receive it by January 27th by ordering within the next

DermaSonic Pro™

The Original Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Free shipping.


3 Skincare Modes


$29 (25% OFF)

$29.00In Stock
Get free shipping and receive it by January 27th by ordering within the next

Effective results

With Deep Cleaning

With its ultrasonic technology, the DermaSonic Pro™ clears blackheads and stubborn grease from deep within your pores, cleansing the skin of toxins & oily build-ups to deliver flawless, confident skin.

$29.00In Stock
Get free shipping and receive it by January 27th by ordering within the next
Clear Your Pores and Remove Blemishes

As we age, our skin loses its ability to renew dead cells quickly, this creates a build-up of dead skin and oil in our pores. DermaSonic Pro™ helps unclog pores to reduce blemishes, breakouts, and promotes brighter, smoother, and more radiant skin.

Experience Exfoliation With Ultrasonic Vibrations and Nanotechnology

Unlike other face masks and chemical peels that rip off the top layer of your skin, DermaSonic Pro™ safely removes blackheads and exfoliates the skin leaving it supple, smooth, and intact. The vibration can quickly penetrate into the skin and promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Gentle, Non-invasive Skincare Process

DermaSonic Pro™ offers a non-aggressive process that is less likely to cause damage to your skin compared to other similar devices. It’s 100% safe and painless with zero negative side effects on the skin.

Reduces Wrinkles

Removal of dead skin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles for youthful and glowing skin.

faster than ever

This small but powerful beauty gadget features a high-capacity battery that can be used for up to 4 days after a single charge. 

$29.00In Stock
Get free shipping and receive it by January 27th by ordering within the next
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  • Elise P.
    Verified customer • Yesterday
    Using this feels like a really good face massage. One of the best facial scrubbers out there!
  • Claire B.
    Verified customer • 3 days ago
    Saw a lot of people using this on Instagram, decided to give it a go. No regrets! It made my skin feel soft and smooth and removed a lot of gunk. Just don’t use this too often as it can strip your face’s natural oils.
  • Alice K.
    Verified customer • 3 days ago
    Satisfied with this purchase. I’ve been using it for a week now. I love the sound, its like white noise.
  • Rhian W.
    Verified customer • 06/08/2020
    I have been using this to clear white head from my nose. Works pretty well.
  • Karla J.
    Verified customer • 04/08/2020
    Highly recommend this product! Sleek and neat. Very impressive performance.
  • Helen G.
    Verified customer • 02/08/2020
    The best facial scrubber for a newbie like me. This is so easy to use and it makes my pores smaller.
  • Catherine E.
    Verified customer • 02/08/2020
    Gifted myself this on my birthday. Very happy with it, it came nicely packaged. Unlike other scrubbers, this one feels much nicer on the skin.
  • Tammy T.
    Verified customer • 01/08/2020
    My skin has been suffering from severe oiliness and dark spots. This tool is a lifesaver. I feel squeaky clean after using this.
  • Mary A.
    Verified customer • 31/07/2020
    Good product. The instructions could be better though. I had to watch a Youtube video to understand how to use these devices better.
  • Ciara M.
    Verified customer • 30/07/2020
    It came so quickly! Thank you. Pls, enlarge the instructions on the manual. It’s very TINY.
  • Wendy K.
    Verified customer • 29/07/2020
    My skin feels softer and my pores smaller each time I use it. Love this product!
  • Eve A.
    Verified customer • 29/07/2020
    WOW! I didn’t know I had so much gunk stored in my pores.
  • Megan Y.
    Verified customer • 28/07/2020
    Recommended for beginners. You don’t need any skill to use this. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.
  • Charlie D.
    Verified customer • 27/07/2020
    I recommended this to all my friends. Best face spatula I’ve ever bought. Many thanks!
  • Tracy W.
    Verified customer • 26/07/2020
    I previously bought a much more expensive tool from Cosmpolitan. I didn’t like it. DermaSonic Pro is better! I’ll buy another one for my mom!
  • Emily C.
    Verified customer • 25/07/2020
    It really feels like it scoops all the dirt from your pores. A truly satisfying experience. This has been part of my weekly pampering self-care routine


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